Indian top 10 fast bowlers and great bowler

Indian top 10 fast bowlers: Today we know Indian top 10 fast bowlers Cricket Team. Indian cricket team has seen some great fast bowler that’s also deadly.

Some bowler has play  a great role  for Indian Cricket team. But other hand some bowler’s rank down to their poor performance.

Lets start the great pace bowler in cricket team.

Top 10 fastest bowler in India

1.Mohammad Shami.

2.Umesh Yadav.

3.Ashish Nehra.

4.Jasprit Bumrah.

5.Irfan Pathan.

6.Zaheer Khan.

7.Laxmipati Balaji.

8.Praveen Kumar.

9.R.P Singh.

10.Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

10.Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Bhuvneshwar kumar is one of the greatest fast bowler in indian cricket team.He deliver all pace bowl speed 142 km/h. Everyone called Bhuvneshwar  kumar also likely Bhuvi.He is the right hand fast bowler and also know on his swings.

He achieve an extraordinary record to take 5 wickets in a one day match.and his future is bright to pace bowler.

He debut indian cricket team for his extraordinary performance  in a test match. And then icci chief call him to join for one day cricket lets begins his journey to one day format and gone successful.

Today Bhuvneshwar  kumar is one of the most successful bowler in Indian Cricket Team. He welled play for Indian team.

Cricket Debut: Test 2013 against Australia ,ODI 2012 against Pakistan ,T20 2012 against Pakistan.

9.R.P Singh

R.P Sing was the left-arm fast bowler and well played for Indian Cricket Team. He is also a pace bowler for all format. Brett Lee was the deadly pace bowler but R.P Sing also deadly bowler but his ranking next.

But we all love and follow our Favourite cricket player and enjoy their performance.R.P Sing always remember for his incredible pace of bowling.

He took 5 wickets in a one day match against Pakistan.That match is the turning point to a successful bowler on his career.

R.P Singh played all cricket format IPL,T20 ,ODI and Test match and he decide in 2018 to retirement of cricket life.

Cricket Debut: Test 2006 against Pakistan ,ODI 2005 against Zimbabwe ,T20 2007 against Scotland.

8.Praveen Kumar

When we discuss to the fast bowler of Indian Cricket team Praveen Kumar also come in this list.His ODI career started against Pakistan in 2007.

Praveen Kumar also proved himself to brilliant bowler on his outstanding performance. Some great bats man fear to stand against Praveen Kumar pace bowl.

indian top 10 fast bowler

His Cricket life was very successful for long time.

Cricket Debut: Test 2011 against West Indies, ODI 2007 against Pakistan, T20 2008 against Australia.

7.Laxmipathi Balaji

Balaji also a great bowler in indian team.Very difficult for anyone to join and play for Indian cricket team.But Balaji joined the Indian team for his best bowling against Pakisthan.

But his career become very bad due to bad he dropped from Indian cricket team.

Cricket Debut: Test 2003 against New Zealand, ODI 2002 against West Indies, T20 2012 South Africa.

Balaji also Indian top 10 fast bowlers .

6.Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan’s whole cricket career was very bright for his great performance.He was the greatest fast bowler that’s always considered.

Zaheer Khan also a left-arm fast bowler.Every Indian cricket lover when remember the best fast bowler in cricket team always remember one name that’s Zaheer Khan.

All the great bats man fear to face of Zaheer Khan pace bowling.But always new comer came to take an opportunity to show their performance and take a seat.

Zaheer Khan show his great bowling performance in the world cup.And he not only bowler but also a batsman.

Cricket Debut: Test 2000 against Bangladesh, ODI 2000 Kenya, T20 2006 against South Africa.

Indian top 10 fast bowlers

5.Irfan Pathan

Irfan Pathan also a left-arm fast swim bowler.Irfan Pathan bowling career for Indian cricket team was very good.He also know a legendary bowler always.

When we choose to well played bowler of retire bowler, always Irfan  Pathan name come in this list.His career was very bright for Indian Cricket team.

We don’t forget to his contribute for Indian team.

Cricket Debut: Test 2003 against Australia, ODI 2004 against Australia,T20 against South Africa.

indian top bowler

4.Jasprit Bumrah

This time Bumrah is one and only deadly fast bowler in Indian Cricket team.His contribution is amazing.He always play well for his team.

His deadly yorkar always take a single wicket.Bumbrah always a great finisher.He debut Indian team during a series against Australia in 2015.

Always batsman fear to face of bumrah fast bowling.His bowling speed crossed 154 km/h.Bumrah’s fans also called bum bum.and he actually deserve it.

Cricket Debut: Test 2018 against South Africa, ODI 2016 against Australia, T20 2016 against Australia.

3.Ashish Nehra

Ashish Nehra was a left-arm fast bowler.His fans always loving him for his great performance.He also played all format in cricket.And his contribution for Indian team was amazing.

Nehra is also the best fast bowler in Indian cricket team like another bowler. Nehra has  huge fan followers like another success player on different platforms.

He spent long time to cricket team.When he delivered last ball in his career just dropped a tear in his eyes.

Today Nehra is an inspirational bowler for all new comer.He live always a simple life.So we respect Ashish Nehra .

Nick name: Nehra Ji.

Cricket Debut: Test debut 1999 against Sri Lanka, DOI 2001 against Zimbabwe, T20 2009 against Sri Lanka.

top indian fast bowler

2.Umesh Yadav

Umesh Yadav is a great bowler for all formats cricket.His regularly bowling reach 148 km/h.Umesh Yadav is a great option for future.

Earlier he was restricted for his injuries.But his future is great for his work hard.He was always taken a wickets per match.

His over always turn to match and ultimately win the match.He is a trouble for all batsman. His contribution is amazing.He always a great bowler.

Cricket Debut: Test 2011 against West Indies, ODI 2010 against Zimbabwe,T20 against 2012 against Sri Lanka.

indian top bowler

1.Mohammad Shami

Mohammad Shami is one of the greatest bowler in present era. He debut in Indian cricket team a ODI series against Pakistan team.

He is the fastest Indian bowler to take 100 wickets in ODI this time Mohammad Shami is the backbone of Indian cricket team by bowling side.

His contribution is really surprising.He is also a batsman to continue any match.He is a great finisher against any team.

He always broken opening equal and interruption to reach target.Indian cricket team also depend Shami’s   great performance.

He always appear a list of top 10 bowler in Indian Cricket team.

Cricket Debut:Test 2013 against West Indies, ODI 2013 against Pakistan, T20 2014 against Pakistan.

Indian top 10 fast bowlers

Now we know the Top 10 Indian Fast Bowler and their contribution to Indian Cricket team. So I hope you are enjoying this article top 10 indian fast bowlersTeam.

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