BCCI Introduce 2.0 km New Fitness Test for Indian Cricket Team Player


BCCI now decide to introduce new fitness test yo-yo 2 km for all Indian Cricket players. After end of the test series against Australia. This Yo-Yo test has helped all players to improve their fitness. And it has reflected their performance.


According to news BCCI has introduce this 2.0 fitness trials to follow England tour of Indian Cricket team. BCCI no wasting time to decide this 2 km fitness after win Stellar test series.

Every player of any game to need fitness for their good performance. So fitness has play  important role for every players.

When come on Crickets players its always need to fitness every players. Sometimes all players goes to foreign for play cricket series.And foreign weather not same of Indian weather.So sometimes weather create problem and it is very difficult for Players.

Players and their fitness is the bone of cricket. This way BCCI took this decision immediately for cricket players.

When Yo-Yo test introduce some former players Suresh Raina, Sanju Samson failed to complete this test. So this is a challenge for all cricket players.

What is 2.0 YO-YO Test for Indian Cricket Team Players

Fitness has play very important role for every gaming players to beat their opponent. All cricket players need to complete this 2.0 YO-YO test.

By BCCI rules for every fast bowler would completed 2 km reach 8 minutes and 15 second while every bats man, wicket-keepers be 8 minutes and 30 second. This test is called 2.0 km yo-yo test.

BCCI looks current time to lack of fitness in cricket players. So BCCI management took this decision. This trial time to help all players to improve fitness.

All the players who were played test series in Australia to inform this test and prepare to next series against England.

BCCI Introduce 2.0 km test mostly effective to Indian Cricket Team for all players. BCCI wants to all player fitness next level fitness.

This test of their speed many players failed when its trial but all player goes to complete this test.So this is amazing and wait how to effect Indian cricket team.

After Lockdown the next test series between India and England begin 5 February.

Fitness is the most important part of every life. Everyone wants to fit in their life but sometime it will be failed because their routine was very bad.

Though everyone create their routine but don’t follow regularly. But everyone need to follow fitness routine.

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